Ten-Tec 1254 Receiver Display Upgrade Kit

Display Upgrade Display Upgrade Display Upgrade Display Upgrade

LCD Display Design Status 7/5/17

The LCD Upgrade Kit for Ten-Tec's model 1254 shortwave receiver is currently out of stock. Production of the next run of kits will start at the end of July. Request for a kit from the next run can be made using the order email link below.

New Windows 10 Compatable Firmware and Windows 10 UsbCAT Program

New firmware for the native (not virtual COM port) USB versions of the display upgrade kit will be available for download from this site. The change is required for compatibility with the latest Windows 10 updates. Installation of new firmware on the kit is made over the USB port using the Pololu Bootloader as detailed in the kit instructions.

UsbCAT Logo

A completely rewritten in C# UsbCAT Windows 10 and S Universal Application program will also be available for download through the Windows Apps Store. The app includes new features such as setting the radio's backlight intensity, a calibrated S meter, radio controls lock, bootloader entry, and an improved method to access the radio's channel memory storage.

UsbCAT App

Kit Overview

The upgrade kit consists of a replacement display board, cables, plastic display parts, and a replacement rear aluminum panel that has an added USB type B full size connector.

The PIC18F25K50 processor used on the display board is contained on an Arduino style 20 pin plug in daughter board. It directly supports USB without external electronics. A Microsoft WinUSB complaint version CAT control program provided with the kit runs without any driver installation on Windows 8, and 10, and with a simple driver installation procedure on Windows 7. The USB interface is used for both CAT control and firmware upgrades.

Two add on kits are available separately to extend the radio further:

The first provides a SO-239 replacement for the original and fragile RCA type antenna jack. The new connector is mounted directly to a special kit rear panel completely removing all mechanical stress from the main radio board.

The second replaces both the Volume and Clarifier potentiometers with new types mounted both mechanically and electrically onto the LCD display board. Electrical connection from the new pots to the main radio board is through a feed through cable assembly. This completely removes the mechanical stress and pot failures often associated in this radio. It also makes assembly and disassembly of the radio much easier.

The upgraded firmware in the kit features:


Price for the LCD upgrade kit $98.00
Price for the SO-239 upgrade $18.00
Price for the Potentiometer replacement kit $15.00.

Plus shipping via USPS Priority Mail:

Does not include Connecticut sales tax, when applicable.

To order or request further information send an email to:

send tt1254v4-information@yahoo.com

For orders a return e-mail with be sent with a PayPal payment link.

Documentation (download links)

downloadInstallation Instructions LCD Display Board
downloadInstallation Instructions SO-239 Option
downloadInstallation Instructions Improved Potentiometers Option

downloadOperation Manual

downloadUSBCAT Documentation
downloadUSBCAT Windows Control Program

LCD Display Board Front LCD Display Board Back

The Ten-Tec 1254 with the LCD Display Upgrade Kit