Edward Kay Cholakian


Milford, Connecticut



To provide new products and advanced electronic systems.



Engineering Consultant New Haven, Connecticut
(September 2000 to present)

Product definition and design for onboard systems for heavy transportation. Hardware design. Board design using CadSoft Eagle. Firmware design in C and assembler for Silicon Labs mixed signal processors.

Defining and designing electrical power metering systems using wire and Motorola wireless networks. Included in this product is realtime electrical and wiring fault detection and power control.

Designed and developed a full system of hardware, sensor electronics, and data communication firmware in C and assembler using a mixed signal processors. The sensors communicated over twisted pair using a MS/TP (Master Slave/Token Pass) data link layer, and BACnet (Building Automation and Control Network) for data encapsulation. Developed MS/TP BACnet win32 network drivers and display and control software to support manufacturing and testing of these sensor nodes.

Designed and developed hardware and firmware to implement a BACnet to internet gateway. This product used a Motorola microcontrollers programmed in C and assembler with the Metroworks development system. This controller connects and routes packets between a twisted pair wire building automation and control token ring network and a Motorola wireless network.

SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER VME system board firmware using C and assembler for Navy nuclear power control applications. Using Motorola 32 bit communication processors.
(June 2000 to September 2000)

SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER Developing algorithms and software to implement sonar and sonar data displays for commercial applications using the ARM microprocessor and embedded PCs in assembler and C. The sonar data acquisition and processing front end controlled ping pulse width, power, and repetition rate, log amp receiver gain, and collected raw sonar data via fast interrupts. Raw data was processed for noise reduction and signal strength normalization using an adaptive digital filter. The efficient display algorithms managed screen data using techniques to greatly reduce processor work load. A complete reference design was completed using an Intel x86 then implemented on an ARM embedded system.
(October 1999 to present)

SENIOR SYSTEM DESIGN ENGINEER Designed hardware and software for multiprocessor networked vending machines in C and assembler on Motorola 6805, Motorola 143150 (Distributed Communications and Control Processor), and Intel 8051 microcontrollers. Local network packets were transmitted asynchronously on a twisted pair using a system I have developed over several projects. Wider area communication was via LonTalk firmware based protocol with power line coupling. Schematic capture was on Accel EDA. The software developed using Archimedies and ByteCraft compilers. In circuit emulators were Echelon Node Builder, Micotek and Motorola EVM.
(Sept. 1998 to July 1999)

SENIOR SYSTEM DESIGN ENGINEER Designed a network controlled electo-hydraulic fly-by-wire system for Marine applications. The system used Motorola with the LonTalk protocol.
(June 1998 to Sept. 1998)

WRAY-TECH INSTRUMENTS Stratford, Connecticut
SENIOR SYSTEM DESIGN ENGINEER Directed the full product development of transportation display, sensor, and control systems. Designed embedded computers to provide multimedia graphical interactive user interfaces. These products utilized computer networks especially optimized for critical sensor and feedback control applications in harsh environments. Networked system components included GPS receivers, RFID, and instrumentation subsystems. Designed the digital and analog hardware and computer software in assembler and C/C++ using Motorolaand Intel processors. Developed software algorithms for real-time digital signal processing and data analysis using C and MathCAD. Developed Microsoft device drivers. Developed system modifications for European markets working directly with these customers abroad.
(1992 to April 1998)

SENIOR ENGINEER Developed system design, hardware, software, and firmware for a control and sensor oriented networked multi-processor computer system used to implement interactive digital video interfaces to banking equipment. The system utilized PC architecture, Intel digital signal processors, and Motorola microcontrollers. Software developed included efficient operating system drivers, the first software only real-time digital audio and video compression and decompression algorithms. Developed asynchronous sensor and control networks hardware and firmware.
(1989 to 1992)

AMERICAN LIGHTWAVE Wallingford, Connecticut (formally Timers Fiber Microwave)
SENIOR ENGINEER Developed communication software and digital hardware for a networked multiprocessor data communication and video switching systems for fiber two way digital television. Designed the switching node hardware and firmware in C and assembler using Hatachi Processors, and central controllers using embedded single board Intel x86 PCs. The system was developed for GTE for their two way fiber to the home interactive television, phone and data system. Developed software systems for advanced interactive communications for both fiber and cable television. Designed the firware for high production volume settop boxes, and distribution hubs.
(1988 to 1989)

FLIGHT SERVICES GROUP Stratford, Connecticut
COMMERCIAL PILOT Part 135, flying Piper Navajo and Cheyenne, Beechcraft King Air 200 and Duke, and Cessna Citations. 2200 hours total time with 1000 hours multiengine turbine and jet. Commercial license with multi-engine and instrument rating. Flight instructor (current).
(1986 to 1988)

TIMES FIBER MICROWAVE Wallingford, Connecticut
SENIOR ENGINEER Developed software systems for advanced interactive communications for both fiber and cable television. Designed the firmware for high production volume settop boxes, and distribution hubs. These components used National COPS, TI, Zilog, and Intel processors.
(1979 to 1986)

SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMMER/SOFTWARE ENGINEER Developed wavefront metrology programs for optical systems. Worked on the computer simulation of adaptive optic systems and high energy propagations. Assisted staff research scientists and mathematicians. Wrote numerical algorithms for embedded systems.
(1973 to 1975 and 1976 to 1979)


State University of New York New Paltz, New York
Advanced French language courses.

University of California Santa Barbara, California
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Graduate work in microprocessor system designs, magnetics, real-time control, and digital signal processing.

University of Connecticut Storrs, Connecticut
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING BSEE and CS Concentrating in circuit design, interactive graphics, artificial intelligence, and switching theory. Wrote one of the first tournament rated, US Chess Federation member, chess playing programs. This program used an interactive touch screen controlled by a graphics coprocessor. The program was the first to incorporated fuzzy logic for move selection.


Conversant in French


2200 hours total time with 1000 hours multiengine turbine and jet. Commercial license multi- engine instrument rated. Flight instructor (current).